Bulletin of Forestry Science / Volume 12

Contents of volume 12

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Volume 12, Issue 1-2

Published in print: 2023. július 1.

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Forest yield function and table of beech (Fagus sylvatica) stands by the FRI's long duration research network database
Kollár, T.
Pages 5-29 | First published: 10 July 2022
Growth conditions of 'Nyírségi' black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia 'Nyírségi')
Ábri, T., Keserű, Zs. & Rédei, K.
Pages 31-42 | First published: 19 July 2022
Occurrences of free water in the soil under different forest stands on the slopes of the Lake Sfânta Ana crater
Szmolka, P. & Frank, N.
Pages 43-55 | First published: 4 December 2022
Specifying logistics and energy consumption conversion factors related to the carbon footprint analysis of the wood industry processes
Kocsis, Z., Németh, G., Börcsök, Z., Polgár, A., Király, É., Kóczán, Zs. & Borovics, A.
Pages 57-73 | First published: 8 February 2023
Identification of SNP markers responsible for drought tolerance in sessile oak populations: results of basic research for sustainable oak management
Benke, A., Köbölkuti, Z. A., Cseke, K., Borovics, A. & Tóth, E. Gy.
Pages 77-90 | First published: 26 January 2023
Investigating the climate analogue area of domestic tree species in the light of climate change
Illés, G. & Móricz, N.
Pages 91-112 | First published: 10 March 2023
Determining the juvenile age of different wood species using a mathematical model
Báder, M. & Komán, H.
Pages 113-119 | First published: 23 March 2023
Rapid spread and presently known distribution of Aceria fraxiniflora (Felt) (Acari: Eriophyoidea) in Hungary
Korda, M., Ripka, G., Hirka, A. & Csóka, Gy.
Pages 121-128 | First published: 22 January 2023