Bulletin of Forestry Science / Volume 8 / Issue 2

Contents of volume 8, issue 2

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Volume 8, Issue 2

Published in print: 2018. december 1.

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The necessity and steps of establishing a forestry climate centre
Borovics, A., Illés, G., Juhász, J., Móricz, N., Rasztovits, E., Nimmerfroh-Pletscher, B., Unghváry, F., Pintér, T., Pödör, Z. & Jereb, L.
Pages 5-8 | First published: 10 August 2018
Impact of weather conditions on the interannual growth characteristics of alder and oak stands with improved groundwater-management
Garamszegi, B., Nagy-Khell, M., Farkas, M. & Nagy, L.
Pages 9-16 | First published: 10 August 2018
Changes of groundwater levels in szenta-forest as result of KASZÓ-LIFE project
Eötvös, Cs. B. & Horváth, L.
Pages 17-23 | First published: 21 September 2018
Antioxidant system as a potential indicator of the climatic adaptation of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)
Visiné, R. E., Hofmann, T., Albert, L. & Mátyás, Cs.
Pages 25-35 | First published: 17 September 2018
Monitoring of the hydrological balance in forest stands of Kiskunság
Bolla, B., Németh, T. M. & Gácsi, Zs.
Pages 37-50 | First published: 15 October 2018
Effects of spacing control on dendromass yield in short rotation hybrid poplar plantation
Heilig, D., Heil, B. & Kovács, G.
Pages 51-59 | First published: 16 August 2018
Studies on black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.) occurrence in the area of comparative tree species examination, Nagylózs
Nemes, V., Csiszár, Á. & Bartha, D.
Pages 61-70 | First published: 25 August 2018
Faunistical studies on coleoptera of tinder conk [Fomes fomentarius (L. ex. Fr.) Kickx.] in Hungary
Andrési, R., Janik, G., Fürjes-Mikó, Á., Eötvös, Cs. B. & Tuba, K.
Pages 71-82 | First published: 31 August 2018
Effect of reforestation on soil properties and mesofauna (Collembola) in a former long-term fertilization experimental area
Harta, I., Winkler, D. & Füleky, Gy.
Pages 83-97 | First published: 20 May 2018
Estimation of the fallen dead wood in the Sopron Mountains
Komlós, M. & Kiss, Cs.
Pages 99-111 | First published: 9 July 2018
Private forest ownwers in Hungary
Mertl, T. & Schiberna, E.
Pages 113-126 | First published: 24 May 2018